Team RSVP instructions

This form is used for us to collect information from teams attending our PNW District Events. 

Each team needs to provide us an adult primary contact for each event you attend. In general, you need to fill this form in twice. Once for each of your district events. If you are attending a third, please do it for that event as well.

We are asking for a primary MOBILE phone number for your team. We use this in case we need to reach your primary adult. 

Please let us know the total number of team members you expect to bring with you in the Headcount field (students + adults). 

There is a hard rule that all wheels must be 3" or larger in diameter. 

We do NOT provide pit tables in your pits unless you request one. These cost money for us to rent and setup. We are happy to provide one, but you do need to request it on this form.