Volunteer Hour Report

Thank you so much for helping FIRST achieve its mission of inspiring students to become science and technology leaders.

This form will help us collect data to support our program by tracking the number of hours that volunteers put in during the year. This in-kind donation of your time and energy is what makes FIRST a true community. We can't do this without you!

The form will allow you to report the number of hours you volunteered with us. Please use this form to report hours you spent volunteering at events, volunteering at our workshops, or doing other outreach or community development. Please do not include time you spent as a mentor working with a specific team. Those numbers are reported elsewhere.

We would like to have you report your most thoughtful and accurate estimate of

  • Volunteer time with any Washington FIRST Robotics or Pacific Northwest District FRC event.
  • Your home zip code purely for mapping purposes
  • If you travelled, please include your travel time, but not overnight/sleeping hours.
  • Out of pocket expenses you have donated to the FIRST community (travel, lodging, materials) without reimbursement while volunteering.

How we will use this information

Part of our collective success story as a FIRST community is in the shear size and scope of volunteers who make the program a success. In-kind donations of time and expenses are an important part of the story that we will tell to donors, sponsors, and legislators to help more students become involved in our program. Our plan is to share the aggregate numbers with our stake holders so they can know just how much time and effort is put into this amazing program. By presenting them with an accurate picture of how this program involves the community, we will be able to garner more support.  It is not our intent to share your specific information as an individual with external entities. Geographic information (your zip code) will allow us to show involvement levels across the state on a gross level without personal identification.

If you have any issues or questions about the survey, contact: navid@firstwa.org