2019 Leagues

Your League Coordinator will contact the coach with event information by October 18.

FTC Interleague information.  ALL teams attend an Interleague Championship event.

Interleague Championship Assignments - Have been added below

Here is a list showing what leagues are competing at which Interleague:

Curie (Sat) Agnesi - Hopper
Pasteur (Sat) Knuth - Spencer
Feynman (Sun) Brattain - Turing
Tesla (Sat) Babbage - Bardeen - Salk
Watt (Sun) Lovelace - Ritchie - Shockley

Interleague Venue info will be posted next week.  It will also be updated on the FIRST site next week so you can submit your Dean's List nominees.

The first list is sorted by team number.  Scroll down for a list sorted by league


This list is sorted by league