The Girls FIRST Initiative



Girls FIRST Initiative

A collaboration of non-profit organizations and businesses who are growing the pipeline of young women in STEM

The purpose of the Girls FIRST Initiative is to recruit and engage girls 6-18 years old in FIRST programs and support their teams through female mentorship and resources.  The overwhelming majority of FIRST teams are co-ed which is celebrated!  We encourage these co-ed teams to have a balance of male and female team members.  By joining us in the Girls FIRST Initiative you will help to build a pipeline of young women in STEM through FIRST programs which will in turn build a more balanced workforce in Washington State.

FIRST Team members consider joining FIRST Washington and our non-profit and corporate partners in recruiting more girls and young women to be part of your FIRST team! Sign up to be your team’s Girls FIRST Initiative Advisory Council Member. As the Advisory Council Member, your job is to work with your fellow team members, both girls and boys to double the number of female student participants on your team for the 2017-2018 season.  Interested?  Sign up here.  Thank you!

Our Non-Profit and Corporate Partners


If you are a non-profit or corporation and would like to join the Girls FIRST Initiative Advisory Council please contact: Erin McCallum  at erin@firstwa.org

Join us in our efforts to inspire young women to be tomorrows leaders!