FLL Jr Team Fundraising
FIRST Washington has a number of competitive grant opportunities for teams and we encourage your team to apply! All of these grants are made possible by generous donors, with emphasis going toward assisting disadvantaged teams in need. With FIRST Washington’s commitment to bringing FIRST programs to more communities and schools, it is our goal to help teams to be self-sustaining within three years. If you need help in building out your team sustainability plan and fundraising training, please let us know. We want to see you be successful in not only programming and building a robot, but building strong business and team collaboration skills!

The Boeing Grant: Application due: August 31, 2019. Teams who have a Boeing employee are eligible to have their employee to apply for a grant through Boeing. This grant is managed by Boeing and it is a very generous grant to help offset FIRST registration fees for teams. Active Boeing employees are encouraged to join the Boeing FIRST Enterprise inSite group (FIRST @ Boeing – Enterprise). Any and all relevant updates will be communicated through the Boeing FIRST Enterprise inSite in the future.

Microsoft: Teams who have a Microsoft employee involved as a coach/mentor not only will benefit tremendously in building their programming, computer science and engineering skills and soft skills, Microsoft will generously match their hours of volunteering with your team at $25/hour. Many FIRST Washington teams leverage this generous partnership and we encourage you to go find a Microsoft employee and invite them to your team!