FTC Ritchie League
Who: FTC Ritchie League
When: 11/04/18, 12/02/18
Where: Seattle Academy 
1111 13th Ave, 
Seattle, WA 98122

Teams should plan to arrive at 8:30am for load in.  Timeline is:

Load-In:  8:30am

Robot Inspections Begin:  9:00am

Robot Inspections Done:  10:00am

Field Inspections Begin:  9:30am

Field Inspections Done:  10:15am

Matches Begin:  10:30am

*Lunch: 12:30 - 1  Depending on where we are with match schedule, we may have a rolling lunch

Finished by 3

NOTE: Schedule subject to change. Plan for things to run late at the first event.
 Food: No concessions will be available, please bring your own lunch

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