Universal Inspiration

Global Impact

Local Involvement

Microsoft and FIRST Washington have always shared a common goal. Inspiring students to be involved in Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, and Math. Inspiring students is relatively easy. Turning that inspiration into aspiration takes mentorship, patience, and community. FIRST programs create that sense of community that is critical to help students aspire to reach higher and higher goals. Microsoft employees play a critical role in providing mentorship and a community of volunteers. 

FIRST Washington is a leader in the global phenomenon of FIRST.  Let us help get you connected to your local FIRST community no matter where you are. FIRST programs are worldwide. We have direct tangible impact on students nearly every week of the school year. Be a part of it. Join FIRST.



The Microsoft Connection

As a Microsoft employee, you bring great value to the students, teams, and our community. There are multiple ways for you to be involved. All of these avenues of participation are highly valued by our community. Students are excited to be able to work with people from industry and feel honored that a Microsoft employee will contribute time to help. Your involvement of course comes with employer matching funds, which can make a huge difference in helping to fund the FIRST programs. But more than that, they recognize that you are providing your time and talent to help them. 

The main two avenues for participation are working directly with a local team or volunteering at a local FIRST event. 


Mentoring a team

Teams rely on mentors to assist the team with a range of different tasks. 

Skills needed by teams include:

  • Marketing and fundraising
  • Graphic design and communications
  • Team organization and project management
  • Software and hardware engineering 

Each of our programs has varying time commitments, but each are extremely rewarding. No previous experience required.

Most of our team activities run from September thru April. Mentors can work out with their team when and how they are able to contribute. Working directly with a group of students is likely the most rewarding experience you will have. 

Event Volunteers

Events are staged usually in the December thru March time frame. Event volunteers put on a great show for the students. We have several roles for you. 

  • Judges - Help evaluate and give feedback to teams
  • Referees - Help the students play their game safely and fairly
  • Field crews - Help with setup and tear down of fields, A/V
  • Event Organizers - Help plan and organize events

Event volunteers are mostly an entire day, some run two days, plus a small amount of pre event training. No experience required, we will train you by getting you involved with an event.

Stay connected!

Interested? We would like to keep you informed of opportunities. There is no obligation and you are not committing to anything just yet!

We will put in you in touch with your local FIRST organizer about volunteer and training opportunities.