Mentoring an FIRST LEGO League Jr. Team

FIRST LEGO League Jr. teams are small teams of small students. As such, they are usually formed in schools, home based groups, community groups, churches, or just about anywhere else that has 3-6 students who are all 6-10 yrs old. 

Mentoring an team is fun and exciting!  This program, designed to be low overhead and low budget, gives your students an opportunity to be involved in a research project that will be presented to a group of project review judges. Your team of 3-6 students will research a project and create a 'Show Me' poster display board explaining their results of the project. They also will demonstrate some aspect of their research by creating a LEGO based model of the research.

To be a mentor for FIRST LEGO League Jr. you should be prepared to

  • Spend a few hours helping 6-10 yr old students how to find and learn about the subject
  • Work together with your team to plan a strategy on your presentation board
  • Work together with your team to plan a LEGO model of their research
  • Most teams require about 10-20 hours of meeting / planning / building time