Why Support FIRST Washington?

FIRST is structured to promote teamwork, cooperation, and networking among teams.  It is not uncommon to see engineers or students from one team working to program, repair and even enhance another team's robot.  These are opportunities for student to build soft skills in communication and teamwork that employers seek in their potential employees. We believe if students are allowed to play with the pros, they will aspire to be like the pros.  We hope you will support these exciting student programs that make science, technology, engineering, and math as cool for kids as sports!

"It is important for me to continue to support FIRST as a volunteer and donor because I have experienced firsthand the positive impact FIRST can make on a student's life.  I am glad I can now enable more students to experience the hands-on, mentor-lead, holistic team-building experience I received that will help shape them into tomorrow’s thinkers and leaders.”

Alida Mendes, Senior Program Manager, Manufacturing Test Engineering, Microsoft


How Can My Company Participate with FIRST Washington?

Your employees can get involved with us through two ways:

  1. Host a Lunch and Learn - Bring FIRST Washington to your business where a FIRST overview is provided and employees can learn how to mentor a team, start a team, or volunteer at an event.  To host a Lunch and Learn please contact Peggy Gray: peggyg@firstwa.org
  2. Use FIRST Washington events as a team building day for your company.  Role models have been cited as a key to impacting student's decisions on exploring STEM in higher education and as a career choice.  FIRST Washington relies heavily on volunteers to run events.  For more information on scheduling a team building day please contact Erin McCallum: erin@firstwa.org
  3. Make a corporate donation/sponsorship.  Your donation/sponsorship can go directly to a team or program that helps offset costs for teams.  For more information on corporate donation/sponsorship please click here.
  4. Share your FIRST story!  We invite you to partner with FIRST Washington to feature a story about an employee or your companies involvement with FIRST.