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STEM Robotics 101 Testamonials

"This has been one of the most informative workshops that I've been to in a long time."  Vancouver attendee

"Great course!  I wish I had had this 10 years ago instead of trying to put it all together myself."  Kent attendee

"This has been one of the best professional development opportunities in my 25 years of teaching." Richland attendee

"Introducing students to Computer Science through robotics is an appealing and hands on approach for both students and teachers alike.  The potential to engage many more underrepresented students in earlier grades is ideal for all of us in Washington."

Washington State Representative Chad Magendanz

FIRST Washington Awarded Computer Science Ed Grant

FIRST Washington has introduced thousands of students to Computer Science (CS) and STEM through its series of Robotics competitions, including 600 FIRST® LEGO® League teams last year alone.  Most teams are after school clubs, which can limit access for traditionally under-represented CS /STEM students. To help drive CS/STEM equity statewide, Robotics needs to be a daytime classroom offering, enabling under-represented students to envision CS/STEM as a part of their future before they enter high school.  FIRST Washington “STEM Robotics 101: Computer Science for the Masses” proposal was awarded funding by OSPI through the Computer Science Education Grant opportunity created by House Bill 1813 to launch the statewide STEM Robotics 101 Professional Development Program in April 2016. 

FIRST Washington will impact thousands of new CS/STEM students annually by leveraging its statewide network to train 200 new CS/STEM teachers to teach CS through LEGO® Robotics in daytime classrooms with  STEM Robotics 101 (Robo101).  Robo101 is a Washington-grown curriculum with 2,400+ registered teacher-users worldwide and an OSPI-approved framework and professional development (PD).  The two-day introductory training is a must for elementary and middle school teachers who are interested in CS/STEM and providing their students with 21st Century skills.

What Is STEM Robotics 101?

The STEM Robotic 101 PD Program is designed to train and equip existing elementary and middle school teachers to become their schools's CS/STEM teacher.  No prior experience in CS, STEM or Robotics is required.

Features of the STEM Robotics 101 Professional Development Program include:

  • The two-day hands-on professional development (computers, software and robots supplied) with an experienced instructor
  • Free take home LEGO® MINDSTORMS®  EV3 kit
  • Free OSPI-approved model framework  and standards alignment
  • A free turn-key, customizable curriculum repository
  • A one-time 10% discount off the best internet volume pricing on a classroom set of LEGO® MINDSTORMS®  EV3 kits
  • A 25% discount off the “Introduction to Programming: LEGO® MINDSTORMS®  EV3” video tutorials from Carnegie Mellon University
  • Eligibility for STEM Robotics 101 Lesson Bounty Program, with a teacher-stipend for adding new lessons to STEM Robotics 101
  • Eligibility for Advanced Topics Professional Development in Phase 2, including Advanced LEGO® Programming,  Robo-Math, Robo-Science, Data Logging, Technology-demystification lessons, Java Programming on LEGO® MINDSTORMS®  EV3 and FLL Primers.

Please review our Frequently Asked Questions page for more program details and the link to sign up for the STEM Robotics 101 PD program.