FTC Coaches Chat Tonight! 

Next FTC Coaches Chat is scheduled for tonight, Nov 21 at 7:00 pm.

We will be talking about the Dean’s List submission process and deadlines on our next call 

There will also be an opportunity for coaches to chat so you can get connected with and collaborate with other coaches in Washington. 

The second round of League events are scheduled for the first weekend in December, make sure you are prepared. 

You should receive more detailed information about your event from your league coordinator but you can find the event location here!

Make sure to bring your roster and consent forms to this event (you should bring them to every event you attend).  

Bring your Gracious Professionalism and spend some time talking with teams in the pits and getting to know them! 


Join the FTC Referee Call 

The FTC Referee meeting will take place Monday November 27th @ 6:00pm. All Head Referees and Referees participating in League Meet 2 events are encouraged to attend! This is NOT a meeting for coaches or teams to discuss or dispute calls. All calls are FINAL. This is an opportunity for Referees and potential to connect with one another. 

If you’re interested in Refereeing but aren’t assigned to a League yet, join the call anyway and let us know! We’ll get you assigned. 

Sign Up to be an FTC Dean’s List Interviewer! 

FTC Dean’s List will be remote this year, so you can interview from anywhere. Even if iyou’re affiliated with a team, you can be an interviewer. We’ll match you with unaffiliated candiddates. 

Provide your availability here!