Inclement Weather Policy: 

We have been watching the weather and know there is some snow predicted. Please read our Inclement Weather Policy below. It will let you know how we handle inclement weather and where to go to get information on your event. 

Below is our policy (This is also posted at the top of the landing page of 

Inclement Weather Policy  

The safety of teams and volunteers is extremely important to FIRST Washington. Because we live in such a geographically diverse area and weather can vary greatly, we trust our event hosts to decide whether it is safe to hold an event as well as do what is best in compliance with their respective school district’s policy.  For the same reasons, coaches need to look at the conditions in their area, consider the safety of their participants as well as their school district policy (if affiliated with a school) when deciding if they should attend their scheduled event.  

We do not guarantee that a make-up event will be scheduled if an event is cancelled (though we can certainly look into rescheduling if it is feasible) and if a team chooses not to attend a scheduled event, no additional event will be offered. 

Here is what we have done to make communication as easy as possible. 

  • We have put an inclement weather banner at the top of the front page of where you can check the status of your event  
  •  IF there is a change to your event, we intend to post it no later than 6:15 am the morning of your event. (Understand, conditions can always change so we will do our best to give as much notice as possible) 

If your event is happening, but your team chooses not to attend, please notify us right away so we can pass the info on to our hosts. 

If you are a coach email Adrienne Collins at Include your event and team number in the subject line of the email 

If you are a volunteer email Mara Kealey at  Include your event in the subject line of your email.

    Make Sure You’re Prepared for Your Event This Weekend!

    I hope your team is excited for the event this weekend! Here is what you need to bring to your event: 

    • Roster and paper consent forms for anyone not listed on the roster (these need to be brought and turned in at every event you attend 
    • Extension cord and power strip for your pits 
    • Your engineering portfolio to turn in to the judges  
    • Come prepared to be sent to judging right away! 
    • Your gracious professionalism and energy!! 

    For those of you who are new, Interleague events are a step up from league events. There will be twice as many teams their (2 leagues) AND you will have judging. Come prepared to meet new people, cheer for your team and have a great time! 


    Onshape with Kevin

    A new series of tutorials are being posted on YouTube about working with Onshape. Starting at the very basics. The following link is to a YouTube Playlist. Videos are being added constantly so be sure to subscribe.

    Useful for both FTC and FRC, get a jump start in using CAD for you teams.