FTC Bardeen League
Who: FTC Bardeen League
When: 11/03/18, 12/01/18
Where: Cedarcrest High School  
29000 NE 150th St.
Duvall, WA 98019


8:00 AM               Doors open at Cedarcrest High School in Duvall

8:05 AM               Robot inspections begin, practice fields available.

9:30 AM               Final matches generated. Your team MUST be here by 9:30

10:00 AM            Drivers meeting on field

10:30 AM            Matches start

12:00 PM             Lunch break

12:30 PM             Matches resume

3:00 PM               Cleaned up and gone home! 


NOTE: Schedule subject to change. The first event is likely to run long.

Some food will be available for purchase - details will be sent to teams.

There is a Safeway, Quiznoz, and several other food joints in town. There is also a Pizza delivery place called Red Pepper Pizza.  The Cedarcrest teams will be providing bottled water and there is a water refill station right at where we are playing. We welcome you to bring your own food or take advantage of one of our local businesses. We would recommend eating at the school since there is only about 30 minutes for lunch, but if you wanted to send a parent down to one of the food people around 11:30 you would be back in plenty of time for lunch. 

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