FLL Blog Volume 2

FIRST Washington is preparing to administer the OSPI Grant! More info to come soon.

Information on OSPI for Washington Public and Tribal Compact Schools

What’s different? FIRST Washington is in the process of becoming the administrator of the OSPI grant and funds

Who can apply? Any public or tribal compact school in Washington State can apply

Why should you apply? It will give you access to funding to support your team!

When does the grant open? Our plan is to open the grant on Sept 15 and close the grant on Sept 29-however stay tuned for any updates.

We will be holding a meeting on Sept 12 from 7-8:30 pm to talk more about the changes and how they affect you.

Who should attend this meeting? Any one who currently coaches or wants to start a team at a Washington State Public or Tribal Compact School

Does it matter which program I am interested in? If you coach or are interested in coaching an FLL Challenge, FTC or FRC team FROM a Washington State Public or Tribal Compact School, then you want to attend this meeting! We will be talking to coaches at all levels for the first part of the meeting and then will break into rooms to answer questions that are more specific to an individual program.

How do I join this meeting? By clicking this link: https://us02web.zoom.us/j/87552498043?pwd=akl2ZmRrQ2taUDdraXVUSjM4ckFrQT09


**Please note: This is not a typical coaches meeting, the only people that should attend this meeting are coaches/mentors/school faculty that fill out the Washington State OSPI grant.