FRC Blog Volume 5 – Coaches Chat this Thursday at 7 pm!

FIRST FRC Coaches Chat is This Thursday, Sept 21 at 7:00 pm

We will go over many things in this first coaches chat.  There is a lot of info in this first meeting.  Make sure you have a coach or mentor attend. 

  • Overview of the season
  • Important Dates & Deadlines
  • Registration with both FIRST and FIRST Washington
  • Grants and funding for teams
    • Grants through FIRST
    • FIRST Washington Grants
    • OSPI Grant
  • Event preferencing, what it is and how it works

To register for/attend this meeting, click the button below:

Make sure your team is prepared for District and Event Registration on Thursday

Make sure you are event ready on your firstinspires dashboard


To be able to enter your event preferencs during the first event preferencing window (Sept 21-28) your team needs to be event ready.

What does this mean?

  1. You need to have two coaches listed on your firstinspires dashboard
  2. Your main and alternate coaches need to sign their consent forms
  3. Both your main and alternate contacts need to be through youth protection screening

Once your team is event ready, wait to make any coaching changes until after you have registered for your first and second district events.



Register your team with PNW FIRST


You need to register with FIRST Washington by September 30th to be considered for funding to

  • Lower your FIRST Washington registration
  • To be guaranteed a spot in the league closest to you
  • To receive OSPI funding (if you are a public/tribal school)

Don’t wait, click the button below to do this now!