FLL Blog Volume 6

There are lots of deadlines this week, so be sure to read the entire blog! 

I don’t want anyone missing anything! 🙂

Event Registration is for FLL Challenge Open!

*FLL Explore Registration coming soon, by 10/2

That’s right, it is finally open! I appreciate everyone’s patience.

Teams will be asked to select three event preferences. Please do not select the same event for all 3, unless it is the only event in driving distance.

Teams will be confirmed in their events once they have-

  1. Registered their team with firstinspires.org
  2. Registered their team with firstwa.org
  3. Secured their FIRST Washington invoice (by credit card, check or P.O.) Invoices will be sent out in October

I will post Assignments in November on firstwa.org, not on your dashboard.

OSPI Grant Closes this Friday, September 29th!

If you are a Public or Tribal Compact School, make sure you submit your OSPI grant by 5:00pm on Friday, 9/29! 


Two Registrations Close on September 30th!


FIRST Washington Registration

The FIRST Washington registration will close on September 30th, as well as the FIRST Washington grant! If you have not filled this out, do it now! All Explore and Challenge teams are required to submit to participate


FIRST Team Registration

For FLL Challenge teams- Team registration with FIRST Inspires will close September 30th! Make sure your team is registered! (If you are waiting on funding from OSPI, email me 🙂 )