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OSPI Pre-Award Intake Form Information- Updated 10/2

    Teams Form:
    This is asking you for information related to the team(s) at your school. We are considering additional funding for schools with more than one team registered with FIRST Washington. As a result, we need you to enter the teams you have registered with FIRST Washington and commit to having those teams compete to receive that additional funding.  If you are waiting to complete your payment with firstinspires, and are a rookie team, please enter the temporary number you received when starting your registration.

    Payment Information:
    This form is asking 3 things:

      • Who your check should made out to (School District or School Building, ASB School Cashier)
      • Address the check should be mailed to
      • Whose Attention the email should be sent to

    *** It is your responsibility to know what your district’s policies are regarding receiving grant funds. If you are unsure how to fill out this information, please contact your administration to find out what you should do. WE CANNOT ADVISE YOU ON WHO CHECKS SHOULD ME MADE OUT TO BECAUSE EVERY DISTRICT HAS A DIFFERENT POLICY. ***

    To access these forms, the profile user must login and you must click on the square with the school’s name inside of the link that was sent to you. The additional forms will appear there. Please take notice of the fact that it no longer says IN REVIEW and is now blue and says PRE-AWARD INTAKE.

    FIRST Washington


    OSPI & FIRST Washington FAQ- Updated 9/19

    What's different?

    FIRST Washington is now the administrator of the OSPI grant and funds.

    When does the grant open?

    The grant will open on Sept 15 and close on Sept 29.

    Who can apply?

    Any public or tribal compact school in Washington State can apply.

    If you are a tribal school that is not a compact school, email grants@firstwa.org. Even if OSPI funding is not available, FIRST Washington may be able to find other funders to support your team!

    Not sure what your tribal school classification is? Check out this resource from OSPI.

    Can all Tribal Schools Apply for this Grant?

    No, only Tribal Compact Schools are eligible for this grant. Please contact grants@firstwa.org if you are not a Tribal Compact School but are a Tribal School so that we can see if you may be eligible for other funding through FIRST WA.  

    Who will the check for funding be made out to?

    Per our contract with OSPI checks must be made out to the school or district, principal, school cashier, or ASB. Please coordinate with your school’s administration as all schools have different policies and procedures regarding this.

    My school is in Washington, but our team competes in another state because the competitions are closer, are we still eligible for this grant?

    Yes, as long as your school is in Washington, and you are competing in FIRST programs you are eligible.