FRC Blog Volume 6 – Important Deadlines this week

OSPI Grant Closes Friday, September 29 at 5 pm

If you are a Washington State Public or Tribal Compact school then you are eligible for the OSPI Grant.

FIRST Washington is now administering this grant and has worked hard to simplify the process as well as make the funding available to schools as soon as possible.

Make sure you fill out the grant application by the Friday deadline

Event preferencing closes at 9 am Thursday, Sept 28


Event preferencing is happening now.


Log into your dash board on to select your preferences for your first event


  1.  You are guaranteed a spot in your home event.
  2. Because we have to leave space for teams to get into their home event, if you register for an event other than your home event, you will likely end up on a waitlist on Friday, Sept 29 when events are released.  Do not email me if you end up on a wait list, I will not respond.  What I will be doing is working with FIRST to move everyone off.  If you are still on a waitlist after we have made all of the adjustments, I will contact you on Monday, October 29.




Register your team with PNW FIRST


Less than half of our teams have filled out the PNW Registration.

You must do this by Sept 30 to be considered for a FIRST Washington grant.

Both Washington and Oregon teams must fill out this registration form every year.

Make both of our lives easier, do this now so I don’t have to pester you later in the week 🙂