FRC Blog Volume 8 – Everyone needs to pick a 2nd preference

Every team needs to pick a 2nd preference before 9 am tomorrow

There seems to be some confusion, it doesn’t matter how many events you listed for your first preference, you were only placed into one event.  

Every team needs to go in and preference for their 2nd event before 9 am tomorrow morning (If for some reason you are not doing a 2nd event, there is a choice that says “I’m not doing a 2nd event”  Remember, that does not change the cost to participate, however.)

Some teams will end up on the waitlist for the event they have chosen.  We have 12 rookies this year so my first priority will be to get those teams into their 2nd event.  Because of this, if you are a veteran coach, you may not hear from me until Monday.

Our next FRC Coaches Chat will be next Thursday, October 19th at 7:00 pm.


We will be switching over to Teams for the meetings from now on.

During this meeting we will be going over:

  • Invoicing
    • Timing
    • Payment Deadlines
  • Booster Accounts

Along with several other things.  It is also an opportunity for you all to connect and chat about what is going on in your shop.


Click the button below to join the meeting.