FLL Blog Volume 13


Please read the entire blog, there is a lot of info this week! 

I hope everyone is ready for the upcoming events! Even if your team doesn’t fee ready, go to your event! The kids will learn so much and have a great time. I would bet you will find teans that are just as far along as you are! 

Teams and volunteers are there to help! Attend the coaches meeting in the morning, make sure the teams take advantage of practicing on the game tables so they know what to expect. The lighting and tables are different then they are at home. 

Our mats are brand new, so they are going to be slick and the robot may perform differently. If they practice on the game tables, the will have time to adjust if needed! 

Trust me, it helps! 🙂

If you have not yet, sign up to volunteer at an event your team is not participating at! You will get to see the judging process fro the other side and will be able to help your team better prepare for judging at future events! I have heard from multiple coaches that it has made them a better coach. Plus, you get a free t-shirt! You can email marak@firstwa.org for more info! 


Coaches Chats November 30th!

Tune in Next Tursday at 6:30 for FLL Explore and 7:00 for FLL Challenge for out November coaches chats! We will be talking about events!

Link to the coaches chat- https://bit.ly/novcoacheschat


Advancement Numbers for FLL Challenge Events

Advancement numbers – *These numbers are subject to change based on team attendance the day of the event


Not sure which event you are attending? Check here- https://firstwa.org/fll-challenge-assignments-and-status/ 

FLL Challenge World Festival and Invitationals!

This season we have two slots for World Festival in Houston! One team will advance from each of the Championships!

We are also fortunate to have 4 Open Invitational spots! Two in California and two in Massachusetts! 

How the Invitational spots are decided I have not figured out yet 🙂


World Festival

In Houston, Texas April 17th-20th 2024


Western Edge Open Invitational

In Long Beach, California May 31st – June 2nd 2024


WPI Open Invitational

In Worcester, Massachusetts June 7th- 9th 2024

FLL Challenge Event Checklist!

Robot and attachments

  • Extra robot batteries and charger (if rechargeable)

Laptop computer or tablet for program changes

  • Make sure you know how to update without wifi!

Project Presentation

  • Any materials needed. FIRST WA does not provide any technology for teams to use.
  • If tech is needed, teams are resposible for providing, and must set up withing their 30 minute judging session.

Food, drinks and snacks (unless otherwise noted)

  • Some events have concessions available

Extension cord and power strip

Team Roster

  • Includes Consent  and Release indication for each student

Students registered online by parents in FIRST Dashboard

  • Paper consent forms if not registered online

A positive attitude and lots of enthusiasm to cheer for your team!