Dean’s List Nominations are due Friday, December 15th 

We will once again be having a remote Dean’s List event in January.  Submissions are due December 15th.   

Each team may nominate 2 students for the Dean’s List awards on their dashboard.  For more information on requirements for the Dean’s List Award or how to nominate your students, click here. 


Next FTC Coaches Chat is Tuesday, December 12th at 7:00 pm 

On this coaches chat, we will be focusing on Interleague Championship information.  Here are some of the things we will cover: 

  • High Level Interleague Schedule (Schedule will vary slightly by event 
  • What the day will look like 
  • Judging 
  • Interleague Rankings 

Meeting Link:,%22Oid%22:%22c79f662c-e5c1-43d3-b404-7fc29c7380a6%22%7D 

Interleague Event Dates 

We have gone over this in Coaches Chats and posted it in blogs and on our website but I received several questions recently about the Interleauge Events. You can find the dates, locations and which leagues are attending each Interleague on our website here. 

Later this week, teams will receive an email from me with some high level information about their event.  More details will come after the first of the year.