What a great two weekends of FLL Events! I hope everyone that participated had fun!

Between Eastern and Western Washington, there were 14 FLL Challenge events and 3 FLL Explore events! 

I made it to 5 FLL Challenge events over the 2 weekends, and it was great to see the teams excitement!

We aren’t done with events yet! There are 4 FLL Challenge Semifinal and 2 State Championship events coming up in January and February! All these events are in need of volunteers. 

In March we have the next round of FLL Explore events with 2, one in Western Washington and one in Eastern Washington. 


Awards are posted on the website!

Semifinal Assignments!!

Semifinal assignments are posted to the far right on the award results sheet. The link is in the button above! 


All advancing teams have been assigned to a semifinal event. I tried my best to make sure schools were placed together. If you are unable to attend on the day you were assigned, please fill out the form at this link to request a switch. I will do my best to accomidate, but I can only switch teams out of an event if someone wants to switch into that event. Flexibility on location helps make it easier. Please indicate in the notes why the date does not work for your team.