Coaches Chat Canceled this Thursday (1/18)

I do not have anything that I can’t send via email and I know you are all busy working with your students on your robot.  Make sure you attend our February Coaches Chat, we will be talking about the March events during that meeting

Event Accommodations

In the PNW we work very hard to accommodate the needs of our students and Mentors.  We can’t always accommodate everythign but we work hard to come up with the best solution possible so every participant can have a great experience. 

To do this, we need your help.  We can’t accommodate things we don’t know about AND it is very difficult for us to make plans for accommodations once our FRC event season has started.   To help ensure a great experience for everyone, we have come up with a form that teams can fill it ouf they have participants that need specific accommodations.  Please fill out this form to let us know about any accommodations you team may have. 

Again, I would like to reiterate, we can’t promise we can accommodate every need but we will make every effort. 

Workshops & Quiet Rooms at Events

It seems we went back to a more Pre-COVID style of events last season which was outstanding!!! I had many teams reach out about hosting workshops or special activities at events AND we had a quiet room at almost all of our events which is fantastic!!

Please fill out the form below if you are interested in hosting the quiet room or a workshop at your events. Feel free to include District Championships if you like, we will not expect you to host if you do not qualify for the event. This form must be filled out by February 13th for you to be considered for hosting a workshop. Please do not reach out to the event hosts directly, all workshops or activities need to be coordinated through the FIRSTWA staff.

Washington State STEM Advocacy Conference hosted by 2412

On March 9th, the 2412 Robototes testified in favor of a bill that they crafted with the help of Sen. Lisa Wellman in front of the Washington State.

This bill has since passed and is now Washington State Law. We want to provide you with the strategies and resources to do the same, which is why we’re hosting our first Annual STEM Advocacy Conference.

This conference will be held Saturday, January 20th from 5-8pm and is open to all PNW teams. Teams that attend will be given the opportunity to work with former legislator Chad Magendanz and current Bellevue School Board Member Jane Aras to learn and improve strategies to better advocate for the resources that you need to strive as a PNW team.

Click the button to sign up. All students from all teams welcome!

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