Every team is invited to submit for the Promote and Compass award

Every team is invited to submit for the Promote and Compass award.

For many of you, the official robot play has ended for the season.  There are two awards that are judged at state, however, that all teams are eligible to submit for, the Promote and Compass Awards.
You can find more information on these awards in the Game Manual Part 1  If your team is interested in submitting for either of these awards, you will need to fill out the submission form by 5 pm Wednesday, January 31st.  You can access the submission form here. You must submit a separate entry for each award.
Please note, you do not need to be present to win the award but all teams are welcome to attend our State Championship event at Amazon.  If your team did not qualify and is interested in attending, please contact me. 

Submit a video thank you to the Washington State Legislature

FIRST Washington is hosting a Legislative Day on February 20th at the capitol building, where board members and staff will be advocating for STEAM funding on behalf of FIRST Washington teams. But we need your help! 

Interested in helping out? We need teams from all over the state to submit impactful videos showing the legislature why FIRST Washington programs are important to you! 

Your video does not have to be fancy, and we encourage everyone to get creative! 

But it should include the details below –

  1. Your team saying “Thank you to our State Legislators ______ and Governor Inslee for supporting FIRST Washington!”
  2. We are FIRST Washington team NAME, NUMBER, from SCHOOL in CITY.
  3. What does FIRST Washington mean to us? 
  4. Show what your team has been doing this season and how support from the legislature has helped your team. 

The video should be no longer than 5 minutes. Please send a shareable link with the video file to Outreach Manager Adrianna Miller adriannam@firstwa.org by February 14th at 5:00pm.

The email should contain your – Program, team number, team name, school, city. 

It helps if you post your video on your team’s YouTube page and share the link with us, or have it online somewhere. This will be easier for us to show the videos to your legislators.