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Event Specific Information ↓

All bullets below are described in greater detail in the site specific powerpoint. Please read the entire powerpoint thouroughly! 

  • Site Specific Powerpoint: Teams are responsible for knowing this information.
  • Concessions/Lunch Ordering: Concessions will be available Friday – Sunday. Pizza can be pre-ordered HERE.
  • Quiet Room: Hosted by 2412
  • Student DEI Table: info coming soon!
  • Menstrual Equity: No host at this time.
  • Workshops: multiple, see activity schedule for details.
  • District Rankings

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Event Accommodations ↓

In the PNW we work very hard to accommodate the needs of our students and Mentors.  We can’t always accommodate everythign but we work hard to come up with the best solution possible so every participant can have a great experience. 

To do this, we need your help.  We can’t accommodate things we don’t know about AND it is very difficult for us to make plans for accommodations once our FRC event season has started.  To help ensure a great experience for everyone, we have come up with a form that teams can fill it ouf they have participants that need specific accommodations.  Please fill submit this form to let us know about any accommodations you team may need. 

We cannot promise every accomodation will be made, but we will try our best. We appreciate your understanding!

Questions about an event? Reach out!
Adrienne Collins, Program Director